About Teresa Bell

Teresa runs the DFW team and  joined Fuzzy Texan in 2019. She is married with 3 awesome kiddos! She has been a life long animal lover. Her parents could tell stories of her walking in the door with animals that “followed her home.”

She was in the construction/service industry for over 17 years and 5 years ago became permitted through the state of Texas as a Wildlife Rehabilitator, specifically focusing on opossums. This is where her love and interest for tube feeding became apparent and the need for the skill was great among domestic/special needs animals. 

Teresa’s goals include educating people (breeders, vets and community) about cleft awareness, enhancing her team’s skills, and finding avenues and connections that allows her team to save more lives.

She is blessed to have a loving and supportive family that encourages her every step of the way. 





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