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We are so excited to have the opportunity to help you to find the dog that will be with you and your family for many years to come! We are honored that you have chosen to adopt a dog from Fuzzy Texan Animal Rescue!


That being said, you may be surprised to find that adopting a pet is a more involved process than you'd imagined. Our intent is not to frustrate you. Rather, everything we do is in the best interest of the pets in our care. Our goal is to help you to find your perfect match, and to give them the best possible chance of finding a permanent, safe and loving home that meets their individual needs.

Things to remember:

  • We will not be answering questions regarding breeds of pups until they are 6 weeks old. We try to share as many pictures as we can of them as they develop from neonates to adoptables and we want the focus to be on their progress, not their breed. 

  • We will now be announcing the day for pets to start taking adoption applications (but not taking applications prior to the date). Everyone gets excited about our animals and we love it. Everyone also wants to adopt early or be the first in line. Please know we are not a "first application sent guarantees adoption" organization. So to help alleviate this, we let everyone know in advance of the date a particular will be adoptable. 

  • Once we announce the open date of applications, we will not be accepting early applications. We are as excited as you are but we want everyone to have a level playing field for the start date and the team is ready to start receiving them.

  • Applications will be closed 48 hrs after the announced date referenced above. No exceptions.

  • After the window closes, ALL the applications will be reviewed and the top candidate(s) will be invited for a meet and greet with the animal. To reduce stress for our animals and protect our fosters during this time of COVID 19, we will only allow meet and greets for limited approved individuals, not all individuals that are interested.

  • Please enter all the details you want considered in the adoptions process in your application. Our general mailbox and Facebook mailbox get many stories about your desire to adopt. We love them all but the mailboxes are for general info requests. Enter all that info in your application where the team that really needs to hear them can read them. 

  • Due to the popularity of our animals, we do not keep applications on file or have a waiting list for specific breeds. We give everyone the same start date for applications to keep the playing field as level as we can.

  • We are NOT selling our animals. We tend to get a lot of requests to buy a specific animal or contribute to vet costs to guarantee adoption for a specific person. While we love to have donations, we cannot always guarantee adoption to a specific person based on this alone. A lot of man hours and care goes into each one of our special babies and if we could we'd keep them all. But we know we can't so we have to find the right situation for each one. 

  • We do reserve the right to refuse adoption. If your application for the adoption of a pet is not approved, we will do our best to explain the reason(s). A denial is not necessarily a rejection of you as a person; it is a refusal to place a pet in a situation that we do not feel is a good match or does not meet our policies.

  • Please note that we prefer and may require a fenced yard for many of our dogs. Exceptions are made on an individual basis depending on the dog's needs, the person's dog experience, the dog's and person's activity levels, home environment and other factors.

  • We  generally do not adopt to homes outside of the areas below and applications for the same area that the animal is located in take precedence of applications in other sites.




We reserve the right to make exceptions but the most common situation would be for one of  our  pets who has had difficulty finding a local adopter.

  • Please note, if you are considering adoption in the specified areas, you MUST be willing to travel the clinics specific for each location. Each site has two clinics that are rescue supported.


1. Before meeting our pets, please fill out an online adoption application  and submit it.


2. The questions on the application enable us to better assist you with matching your needs and desires in a pet with the needs of our available pets. Our process includes questions about your living situation, pet history, current pets, the type of pet you are looking for, and the way in which it will be cared for. We're not just being nosy! Some of our dogs and cats would be good with kids, or get along with other pets, or are appropriate for first-time pet owners. We also have pets with special needs, or behavioral issues, or who would be more appropriate for an experienced pet owner.



3. A member of our adoptions team will contact you and can answer questions and set up an appointment if we may have a good match for you. 

4. If you decide you'd like to adopt one of our pets, we reserve the pet for you but we generally don't send the pet home with you that day. We want to give you some time to think about it-- it's a big commitment. This also gives us time to do any vet exams and health certificates, complete adoption paperwork, etc. You can generally pick up your pet the following day or arrange for another day that would be convenient for you and gives us enough time to complete any requirements. When you pick up your pet you will be asked to fill out an adoption contract and pay the adoption fee.

5. Once you adopt a pet from us, we encourage you to keep in touch! Please call us for advice if you are having any problems or have questions. Many times a small problem can be fixed before it becomes a bigger problem. And we love to get emails, letters and photos from people who have adopted a pet from us. You can join our Facebook Group Fuzzy Texan Adopters to share with us!

If at any point you are not able to keep your adopted pet, we ask that you please contact us. We're committed to helping our adopted pets throughout their lifetime and understand that circumstances change. We absolutely want to assist in finding your pet a new home if needed, and we do our very best to make sure our returned pets go to new homes that are a good match for them and where they'll be well cared for.



Please take a moment to review our ADOPTION GUIDELINES below.  These Guidelines are to serve as a tool to assist in the adoption process but we are open to discussing any situation that may not be in compliance. Our goal is to find SAFE, RESPONSIBLE, and LOVING families for our animals.



  • Be 21 years of age and have a valid ID with a current verifiable address.

  • Live in stable housing with a verifiable phone number.

  • Ensure that all adults living in the household have consented to the adoption and are willing to participate in the care of the pet.

  • ALL existing pets must be up to date on vaccines. spayed and neutered and on flea and HW prevention (you may be asked to provide proof).

  • Existing cats must be INDOOR only.

  • Ensure that all children are mature enough to manage their behavior in the home and interact appropriately with the pet.

  • If a renter, show copy of lease or other proof from landlord that the pet is allowed.

  • Have the financial ability now, and in the foreseeable future, to properly care for the pet, including but not limited to routine and unexpected emergency veterinary care, quality food, necessary supplies, pet sitters, trainers, and be able to pay pet deposits/pet rent if living in rental housing.

  • Agree to properly train the dog, and have the financial ability and willingness to engage the services of training professionals and/or behavioral specialists if warranted

  • Provide proper and consistent veterinary care, food, water, exercise, training and kind treatment.

  • Provide the pet a safe and pleasant environment with love and attention, and not to leave the pet alone for excessively long hours without another animal or human for companionship.

  • Adopt the pet as a permanent lifetime family member, and be willing to make concessions in the future to accommodate and keep your pet as your lifestyle may change.

  • Fill out the Adoption Application and participate in a phone and/or in-person interview

  • Be willing to provide personal and veterinary references.

  • Understand that the Adoption Application must be processed and approved (which on average takes 7-10 days – we are 100% volunteers)

  • Be ready to adopt immediately (we cannot "hold" animals for anyone)

  • Sign a legally binding Adoption Contract and pay the Adoption Fee

  • Adoption fees vary but the range is  Dogs/Puppies $300-$1500 and Cats and Kittens $125-200 Please note: there may be a variance for fees based on the medical treatment the animal requires.

After adoption, check out our Dog adoption packet!

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