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  • Be 21 years of age and have a valid ID with a current verifiable address.

  • Live in stable housing with a verifiable phone number.

  • Ensure that all adults living in the household have consented to the adoption and are willing to participate in the care of the pet.

  • ALL existing pets must be up to date on vaccines. spayed and neutered and on flea and HW prevention (you may be asked to provide proof).

  • Existing cats must be INDOOR only.

  • Ensure that all children are mature enough to manage their behavior in the home and interact appropriately with the pet.

  • If a renter, show copy of lease or other proof from landlord that the pet is allowed upon request.

  • Have the financial ability now, and in the foreseeable future, to properly care for the pet, including but not limited to routine and unexpected emergency veterinary care, quality food, necessary supplies, pet sitters, trainers, and be able to pay pet deposits/pet rent if living in rental housing.

  • Provide proper and consistent veterinary care, food, water, exercise, training and kind treatment.

  • Provide the pet a safe and pleasant environment with love and attention, and not to leave the pet alone for excessively long hours without another animal or human for companionship.

  • Adopt the pet as a permanent lifetime family member, and be willing to make concessions in the future to accommodate and keep your pet as your lifestyle may change.

  • Fill out the Adoption Application and participate in an interview

  • Be willing to provide personal and veterinary references.

  • Understand that the Adoption Application must be processed and approved (which on average takes up to 5 days – we are 100% volunteers)

  • Be ready to adopt immediately (we cannot "hold" animals for anyone)

  • Sign the Adoption Contract and pay the Adoption Fee

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