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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I'm interested in adoption, why can't I take a cat home today?

    • The cat lounge is exciting and cool and we love it. But cats are a lifetime commitment, so it's always good to give it some thought before diving in. We welcome your application and we want you to be sure about your choice.

  • Why is there an age requirement of 21?​

    • We put a lot of time and effort into our pets and we want their future owners to be able to be financially and emotionally ready to have a pet.​

  • Do you make age exceptions at all?​

    • Yes, we do on a case by case basis. We can't really give you the formula of what the exception criteria is. We know it when we see it after speaking with you.​

  • But I can't apply because I'm not 21?​

  • What is the adoption fee?​

    • $150 for kittens under 1 year and $130 for cats over a year.​

  • Why are your fees so high? We can adopt a kitten/cat at the municipal county shelter for less.​

    • We are a private rescue that relies on donations. When we don't get donations, we cover the costs privately. The cost of veterinary services has gone up all over and the adoption fee covers just a fraction of what we spent. Public shelters have government funding and veterinary staff on hand so they can keep their costs low. We hope you understand.​

  • What does the adoption fee include?​

    • Age appropriate vaccines (depending on age 3  or 2 FVRCP and Rabies/Dewormer/Spay or Neuter/Flea Prevention/Microchip and Combo  test. ​

  • Are your cats free from FIV and Feline Leukemia?​

    • Yes. Only combo negative cats go to the Cat lounge.​

  • Do the cats have any long term health issues? 

    • All the cats that go to the lounge are deemed healthy enough to be adopted. Some may have had issues that needed our attention upon intake (corrective surgery if needed to correct a physical defect such as eyelid repair or eye removed, tail amputation etc) but when they arrive at the lounge, they ready for a new home. ​

  • Are your cats litter trained?​

    • Yes!​

  • Why do I have to wait for the lounge to call me to schedule a pickup with the after approval?​

    • The Lounge runs on a tight schedule and they know when the best time is for you to come in. They can give you more attention and info if needed.​

  • What if I have a question or an issue after I take my cat home?​

    • One of our team will reach out to interview you in order to approve you and they will be your point of contact for any questions or issues.​

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